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Every registered user in the model data explorer can create a DataGroup and become an owner it. Once a DataGroup object has been created, several DataGroupUserGroup objects are created, one for each role that a user can have in a datagroup (see Users and data groups and DataGroup Relations). Furthermore, we create one DataGroupNode per graph type, see Data groups and DataGroup Permission Graphs.

The user who created the DataGroup is then added as an owner for this data group and automatically added to the corresponding DataGroupUserGroup.

This workflow with DataGroupUserGroups provides an efficient workflow as permissions to datasets, etc. are granted to the user group and not to the individual owner. As such, if a user does stops being an owner, data editor, etc. we just remove him or her from the corresponding DataGroupUserGroups and he or she looses all the permissions.

A more schematic illustration of this workflow is displayed in the figure Sequence Diagram to create a DataGroup.

Create DataGroup

Sequence Diagram to create a DataGroup