Usage and navigation on Gitlab

During the prototype development, we will make heavy use of the issues on Gitlab.

The model data explorer has a dedicated group at and the prototype development takes place in the prototype repository on gitlab.

We created several issues there that we want to discuss during this first phase before we start with the development.

Email Notifications

The project is public, but as a member of the project team, you are automatically made a member of this repository. Note that you might want to set the notifications to Participate, otherwise you will get a mail for each and every comment on this repository. You can edit your notification settings with the bell symbol in the upper right corner of the repository website.

If you are then particularly interested in a specific issue, you should turn on the notifications and you’ll be notified via mail when there is any progress. This can be achieved with the Notifications switch in the sidebar on the right of the detail view of an issue (see #5 for instance).


Please feel free to comment to the individual issues on gitlab or create new ones with questions or topics you want to discuss. If you never worked with gitlab, it’s pretty simple. Just go to the detail page of the issue #5 for instance, and enter your comment in the text field at the bottom of the website.