Frequently Asked Questions

Here we collect questions related to the different aspects on the model data explorer.


Models are usually forced by multiple static (=initial) and temporally varying boundary conditions (=forcings). How can right or left be lists?

From relation terminology

You do not use a list, but one dataset can define the same relation type to multiple other datasets. E.g.

  • coastDat-3_COSMO-CLM_ERAi has been forced with Era Interim

  • coastDat-3_COSMO-CLM_ERAi has been forced with some other dataset

The inverse relationship does not make sense for boundary conditions, as typically a boundary conditions (say: bathymetry) has inifinite possibilities of forcing models …

From relation terminology

Relations between datasets are optional. A dataset does not have to define a relation about the forcing, etc. Equally, one dataset might serve as forcing for an multiple datasets.


How do you deal with unconvential (modular) modeling systems, such as MOSSCO, where the number of things left and right are on the order of 10-20? Theoretical example: MuSSeL_SCHISM-physics-SED3D-sediment-ECOSMO-ecosystem-filtration-ICEALGAE-WW3-waves-CICE-ice-forced-by-EHYP-rivers-NOAH-porosity-MPIOM-ESM-LR-Atmosphere-RCP8.5-HYCOM-ecosystem-boundaries-TOPX-tides-IOW-bathymetrie-version-30045-windfarm-parameterization-2035 Seems rather impractical.

From dataset terminology

We want to keep the name of a dataset informative. On WDCC, we often include the forcing etc. in the name, we do not want to rely on this in the Model Data Explorer.