THREDDS Server configuration and implementation

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THREDDS server are very rich in functionalities and provides many services that can be used within the model data explorer. And it integrates well with the data upload functionalities of the SFTP server (see Data upload).

However, the standard setup has some disadvantages:

  1. the catalog entries can only be edited by admins of the THREDDS-server

  2. catalogues are written with and XML syntax that is unknown to most scientists

  3. the handling and overview of multiple catalogue files can be quite a challenge

  4. one cannot give access to all catalogue files to individual scientists in order to prevent unauthorized access

This is why we intend to develop a django app that generates the catalogue entries using the power of the Django templating system. Another advantage of using Django is that we can integrate it with the permission and relation system of the Model Data Explorer (see #21 and #17). This management app lets the scientists configure their own content on the THREDDS and how it is displayed.

Within this epic, we want to learn more about the functionalities of the THREDDS-Server through discussions with more experienced THREDDS-Server-Managers, and we want to define the necessary features and workflows that need to be made available. In the end, we want an implementation in the prototype to demonstrate these workflows. We will, however, for now only schedule one user story to discuss the features of the THREDDS-Server. Within this user story, we define how we want to proceed.