Welcome to the Prototype development of the Model Data Explorer!

This document describes the first phase of the development of the model data explorer. We try to be as inclusive as possible so please let us know if you encounter any issues or have any questions on the process.

Within the prototype development, we discuss the workflows and develop a prototype to get a feeling how the model data explorer will work.

The development team comes up with suggested workflows and discusses this with the scientific collaborators.


Philipp S. Sommer orcid , Linda Baldewein orcid , Hatef Takyar, Housam Dibeh, Rehan Chaudhary, Marie Ryan, Max Böcke, Andrea Pörsch, Andreas Lehmann, Annika Örtel, Beate Geyer orcid , Carsten Lemmen orcid , Elke Meyer, Emanuel Söding orcid , Julian Quinting, Klaus Getzlaff orcid , Lars Buntemeyer orcid , Ludwig Lierhammer, Marcus Lange, Matthias Gröger orcid , Nikolaus Groll, Sascha Hokamp, Tilman Dinter


We have three important resources for during this phase of development:

  1. The prototype, see Using the prototype.

  2. The Epics described in this document, see Epics in the prototype development.

  3. The issues in the gitlab repository, see Usage and navigation on Gitlab.


Please do not hesitate to contact the development team directly if you have any questions or points for discussion. We are reacheable via

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